Group Course Timetable and Booking

   Workshop                                                                        Group Course Dates                   Time            Cost (£)

  Women Only Antenatal Sessions                                Please contact for details; tbc     10.00 -12.30      285

  One Day Intensive- 'Fill Your Birth Coping Toolbag'   5/2/17; 19/3/17; 23/4/17                  10.00- 5.00        190

  Strategies to Manage the Intensity of Birth                 Please contact for details; tbc     10.00-3.00         140

Private Workshops

One Day Intensive Antenatal Workshop                  from £315 

Pain Coping Practices Workshop (5 hrs)                  from £225

Dealing with Fears and Anxieties   (3 hrs)                from £135

These private sessions are bespoke and specifically designed to meet your needs.  If there are certain aspects that you would like to explore more deeply and others you are happy to have more of an overview or skip altogether this can be accommodated.  It is also possible to arrange a private group session. The final cost of the course will depend on the location of the Private Workshop.

Sessions are held in the comfort of your home or mine, at a mutually convenient time.  Areas covered include Bromley and surrounding areas; Blackheath and Lee.  

It is my heartfelt wish that all couples have the opportunity to have a positive birth experience.   If you feel that you can only commit to a shorter course due to financial restraints or time limitations, please contact me and together we can decide how to accommodate your needs and budget in the best way possible.   Also, if you're finding it difficult to attend the dates of any of the Group Workshops,please contact me as other dates may be possible.