"I don't know what you said but my whole perspective on the pregnancy and forthcoming labour just changed for the better.  Thank you!"  - Tat

"Edwina's approach has been upfront, honest, affable, kind and most importantly non-judgmental.  She's so approachable in fact that it's easy to be entirely honest with her- in ways perhaps that one might not be with one's family and closest friends.  She has coached me gently to think about labour differently, to face my worst fears and prepare me to tackle them head on..."  -Tracey

"Edwina has completely succeeded in not only helping me work out what my REAL fears are, but also giving me the tools to cope if I were faced with them again."  - Sophie

"You helped me during my very long labour.  We called you one evening whilst I was in labour and you gave me a Shiatsu.  Your wonderful optimism helped me hugely during a very difficult time and long labour which ended in an emergency caesarean and a very healthy and beautiful girl."  - Nic

"I'm now much clearer about the practical things I can do to help my wife which will hopefully make a real difference."  - Joe

I attended Edwina's workshop when I was 38 weeks pregnant to prepare for the birth of my second daughter. My first birthing experience had involved a fair amount of medical intervention, and a traumatic post-birth period, during which I was kept in hospital for several days and had difficulties establishing feeding. I wanted to remind myself of a more active and natural approach to birthing.

I had a one-to-one, day long session with Edwina in her welcoming home, which was enjoyable, informative and extremely helpful. It helped me to challenge my beliefs about medical interventions and to learn more about a birthing with awareness approach, as well as providing very practical advice about optimal birthing positions, pain coping practices, and some helpful Shiatsu massage techniques to use, which my partner and I have enjoyed practicing at home.

Her style is friendly, approachable, non-judgemental and responsive, and I feel in a very positive place as I approach my due date, with a mix of calm confidence and excitement.  - Tamsin, NGO Strategy Director

"The Shiatsu massage techniques that Edwina taught me were great to help my wife get through her contractions for much of the labour."  - Mick

"I really wanted to do the workshop as having a toddler and being pregnant didn't leave us much time to get our heads around the fast approaching due date. I also had an emergency c-section the first time around which was playing on my mind a lot thinking about what is about to come. I have done an antenatal course during my first pregnancy and although it was very informative I didn't feel that it gave me or my partner tools for the labour itself (positions, massages, breathing, etc.). So I really wanted to do something different.

I have to say that my husband was not too excited at first as meditation and breathing techniques is not his thing...but he ended up really enjoying it. 

After doing the workshop I have to say that it really exceeded my expectations. Not only that it gave me and my husband some very useful tips for labour but it gave us the opportunity to stop and talk through how we feel about what is about to come , our fears , worries and expectations. This was much needed as with work and family commitments we didn't have the chance to think things through. The first thought that came to my mind at the end of the workshop was how therapeutic it was for both of us , and this is the part I didn't expect. Not only that my partner was given a clear role and we got some great practical tips for labour but also talking everything through was very helpful. 

For me , especially with my previous experience one of the most useful things were that Edwina helped me think through all the possible options of labour and accept whatever is going to happen.  Unlike a few other ante natal activities that I have taken part in , this workshop doesn't set your expectations to just one way of labour - natural and free of interventions , but helps you think through all options and think about the best way to deal with them. Knowing that I have to go into hospital for delivery, this workshop really helped to think through how I could optimise the hospital experience and make it best for me. 

I have to say that Edwina was one of the most sensible antenatal practitioners that I have met to date and her workshop doesn't make you fear what could happen if things don't go to plan and there is a need for medical intervention but gives you tools to deal with it!" - Lena

"My weekly Shiatsu sessions have been an oasis of calm amidst the hecticness of my life!"  - Caroline

"As first time parents we decided to do the hypnobirthing course because we wanted to do something to learn more about birth preparation as a whole and to possibly meet other couples at the same stage of pregnancy in our local area. I also had some fears and insecurities about the birthing journey and wanted to explore this further so we decided hypnobirthing would suit us better compared to the likes of NCT.

We gained more than we ever imagined and I think this is because we ended up having a one to one session with Edwina. The one to one sessions really enabled us to explore deep feelings and anxieties we both had and allowed us to gain a sense of greater self understanding. Edwina taught us how to relax, remain calm and help ease discomfort with the use of massage and deep breathing.

I think the reason we enjoyed our sessions so much with Edwina is because we were able to really relax and be ourselves in her company, she is very approachable, open minded and kindhearted person. We felt comfortable to ask questions when we didn’t understand certain topics.  Edwina really helped us understand ourselves better by asking questions and digging deeper into our subconscious and sometimes discovering things we didn’t even realise, and figuring out what is important to us as a couple and what we can do to help one another through this massive new journey we are about to take. This has helped for every day life as well as birth preparation. 

Edwina provided us with lots of useful reading material / support web links and MP3 recordings for relaxation along with useful session summaries after each meeting, all extremely useful when practicing each week. What we learnt with Edwina is that she is a fantastic teacher and has set us in the right direction with lots of positivity, but the key is to keep practicing what we have learnt. In a perfect world we would see Edwina every week in the run up to the birth; she made us feel so relaxed and calm after each session, it was great!

We valued most all the information we received about the birth process and that in fact we are the ones that can make certain choices. Before this course we were so sure we ‘have to’ do as thedoctors/midwifes say, but after being so informed about all the options we have we are no longer worried about making informed decisions and having the confidence to make them decisions as now we know what is right for us and our baby.  Being first time parents we really lacked knowledge so this 4 week course really was invaluable to us.

Another aspect we really enjoyed learning about was the Physiology, after learning all of this we can prepare for the birth in a much better way and hopefully encourage a smooth & positive journey for us :-)."  Jennifer Stott, Travel Advisor