Self-hypnosis is a very effective and easy way of releasing unhelpful limiting beliefs and assumptions  that we have acquired during our lives. It's so important to flush out any unhelpful beliefs related to pregnancy and birth as they can adversely affect our experience of our labour journey. These beliefs may have originated from a variety to sources (during our childhood; from someone whose opinion we respect; our peers; from our experiences; media...)    

Self-hypnosis is simply the use of words, in a positive, empowering and focused way, with the aim of  helping you release your anxieties around birth; promoting a state of deep relaxation and in many cases being able to change your perception of the intensity of labour so that you don't experience it as pain.
In fact, hypnosis is a state we naturally drift in and out of daily: when we daydream; just before we drift off to sleep; when we're deeply relaxed while listening to a good piece of music; when we automatically get to our destination without realising how we got there!