Shiatsu is great if you want to maintain your current good health and may help to alleviate the discomfort of many conditions that arise during pregnancy and the postnatal period, including:  muscular discomfort; backache; indigestion; difficulty sleeping; anxiety; lack of energy; oedema; cramps; morning sickness; breastfeeding difficulties...

Deeply relaxing yet invigorating;  Creates a feeling of tranquility, well-being and balance; Promotes the freeflow of energy and blood circulation; Eases deep seated tensions on a physical and emotional level.  

In pregnancy, the quiet healing space gives the mother an opportunity to connect deeply with her baby.  A key underlying belief in Shiatsu is that pregnancy is seen as a healthy movement from womanhood to motherhood - a time where there is much potential for change, growth and personal development.   Shiatsu helps a woman keep in tune with her body and the changes she is experiencing, physically and emotionally, which may promote a greater feeling of empowerment.

Receiving Shiatsu whilst you are pregnant, during labour and postnatally is a wonderful way to support, nurture and strengthen the natural ability of your body, mind and emotions to heal and balance themselves.  As you move towards greater health and a sense of well-being and sypmptoms of discomfort ease, you will feel more relaxed and energised.

What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a highly respected, Japanese holistic treatment which is given through clothes.  Based on the same principles as acupuncture, Shiatsu is often known as 'acupuncture without needles'.  
The Shiatsu session begins with a consultation to enable a personalised treatment to be given. Treatment will involve a range of techniques and approaches appropriate for that individual, depending on the stage of pregnancy and also the symptoms they are experiencing.
The main features of Shiatsu are:
receiver wears loose comfortable clothing during the treatment; no oils are used
relaxed perpendicular pressure applied along energy channels and acupuncture and stress release points throughout the body
gentle stretching where appropriate to stimulate circulation and encourage the release of tensions 


Shiatsu for Induction

Just as we  are unique in a multitude of aspects, so it is that women naturally have different lengths of pregnancy. In the UK, a full-term pregnancy is considered to be 40 weeks.  The World Health Organisation says an average pregnancy is anything between 37 - 42 weeks.   In some cases, women consciously or unconsciously may 'hold themselves' out of labour for a number of reasons including anxiety; fear (pain;  the unknown...); memories of a previous labour experience..which in turn leads to physical tension. This automatically triggers the 'flight or fight' response and release of adrenalin.  Our body's natural and logical response to keep us 'safe' is to delay labour until the 'danger' imagined or real has passed and we feel relaxed again.

How many sessions are beneficial?

The number of treatments recommended varies from person to person depending on their circumstances.  Some find great benefit in having regular sessions throughout their maternity and postnatal period as their body is constantly changing and different symptoms may come up. Others may find fortnightly or monthly treatments work for them. 






Shiatsu for Postnatal Period

The postnatal period is an important yet often overlooked transition time for the new mother, father and baby.  The mental, emotional and physical energy required to birth will have depleted the woman’s reserves of chi (natural energy).  If time is not allowed for rest and the rebalancing of energies, particular conditions may arise such as postnatal depression, difficulties breastfeeding, constipation and persistent lochia.

Bearing this in mind, I have found that when mothers come to me to help encourage labour to start, the treatment can be more powerful when both body and mind become open and relaxed. Depending on the individual, I draw on my experience as both a Shiatsu Practitioner and a Birth Preparation Mentor to provide a combination of Shiatsu together with visualisations and other techniques to encourage this process. .    There are also specific acupressure points which may encourage contractions to start or strengthen.  

This treatment can be offered from the 38th week. 


Shiatsu Treatments Offered

  • Shiatsu for Pregnancy, Postdate, Postnatally -  1 hour:   £50
  • 4x 1hr Shiatsu sessions:  £175
  • 4x60min PLUS 1x90min Postnatal Shiatsu with Natural Facial Rejuvenation:   £225

          Location - Bromley, BR1  (Home visits possible)